Lead Type №13 ID: 002-0708
Starting price 590 000.00 uah / per lot 29 500.00 uah / per ton
Announcement date 22.01.2018 / 00:00
Submit orders till 24.01.2018 / 23:59 completed
Orders 3 Participants 3
Auction date 26.01.2018 / 11:00-13:00 Completed
Nonferrous metal scrap
Total amount 20 т
Lead Type №13
The bulk of lead scrap 13 - lead accumulators are filled with electrolyte or gel with plates and hardware from other types of scrap.
According to draft clause 3.5
The types of scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are not included in the specification to the contract between the Supplier and the Buyer and are in the scrap of uncoated electric machines and other complex scrap shall be returned to the Supplier in the amount specified in the Acceptance Certificate for the scrap within ten working days from the date of receipt.
Classification according to GSTU
Type №13/ GSTU 3211:2009/GSTU 1639:2009
Terms of delivery
Logistic and cost are covered by BUYER on Terms of EXW (INСOTERMS-2010)
Terms of payment
Payment procedure: prepayment 100% of the product cost, scheduled for shipment. Buyer pays weight cost within five (5) business days from receiving the invoice, which is the basis for payment.
Participants must have License from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine to manage dangerous waste
Auction customer
Філія "Одеська залізниця" публічного акціонерного товариства "Українська залізниця"
EDRPOU Code: 40081200
Customers' address
Ukraine, 65012, Odesa, м. Одеса, вул. Заньковецької, 2
Contact person
Condolov Vitaly Sergeevich
Tel: +380(96) 497-66-29
Еmail: NXLom1@odz.gov.ua
Auction organizer
Limited Liability Company "TAB UA"
EDRPOU Code: 40514924
Organizers' address
Ukraine, 04071, Kyiv,9-A Shchekavytska St
Clients support
Phone: 044 594 8585
Email: info@tab.com.ua
Auction type:
Open ascending price auction
The initial lots' price:
590 000.00 uah / per lot
29 500.00 uah / per ton
Minimal step of the auction (1%):
5 900.00 uah / lot
295.00 uah / ton
Minimal quantity of participants:
Guarantee fee (10%):
59 000.00 uah
Bank details for paying guarantee fee:
VP SMTZ Odessa Main material and technical warehouse of the regional branch "Odesa Railways" PJSC "Ukrzaliznytsya", p / a 26009340114247, FOU JSC "Oschadbank", MFO 328845, code 40081200/222, EDRPOU code for tax invoices 40075815/222.
ВП СМТЗ Одеській Головний матеріально-технічний склад регіональної філії «Одеська залізниця» ПАТ «Укрзалізниця», р/р 26009340114247, ФООУ АТ «Ощадбанк», МФО 328845, код 40081200/222, код ЕДРПОУ для податкових накладних 40075815/222.
Organizers' remuneration (1%):
5 900.00 uah

In order to participate in the auction user must complete e-platform registration:

Registered user gets access to private account.


In order to participate in the auction registered user must complete the procedure of identification:

  • 1) upload the form of application for joining the Public Service Agreement (offer) for e-platform uz.tab.com.ua;
  • 2) sing and stamp the application;
  • 3) send scan-copy to contracts@tab.com.ua;
  • 4) e-platform operator checks the information mentioned in application and registered data;
  • 5) user gets identification confirmation or rejection.

Note: steps 1 and 2 take place one time. Registered and identificated users start from step 3.


In order to apply for participation in the auction user must pay guarantee fee – 10% of the initial lots' price.

Guarantee fee is paid according to the Guarantee fee payment Agreement, concluded between user and customer:

  • 1) download draft of Guarantee fee payment Agreement on the lot's web-page (tab "Documents");
  • 2) sign and stamp the Agreement;
  • 3) send scan-copy to nxlom1@odz.gov.ua (or send hard-copy to the customers' address);
  • 4) not later than the next working day customer sends to the user scan-copy of the signed from his side Agreement;
  • 5) user pays guarantee fee while orders can still be accepted, according to the information mentioned in announcement.

Registered, identificated and authorized user follows the link on the lots' page "Order application" and attach scan-copy of the Guarantee fee payment receipt.

Order application confirmation with date and time of its receiving is sent to the user email automatically.


Operator checks the application and Guarantee fee payment receipt. Not later than the next working day operator registers customer as an auction participant (or sends rejection).

Note: the decision about customer registration as an auction participant can be cancelled if guarantee fee wasn't received 2 hours before the auction starts


Registered participants go to auction module by following the link on the lots' page, private account or email. Participants must be identificated and authorized on e-platform.


Supply agreement is concluded between customer and auction winner outside e-platform according to legislation and protocol, signed by winner, operator and customer, within 10 working days from signing the protocol.

The procedure of signing the protocol:

  • 1) when the protocol is published, the winner signs 3 hard-copy of the protocol within 3 working days and sends it to the operator along with the copy of guarantee fee payment receipt;
  • 2) operator checks the payment, signs hard-copies of the protocol and sends it to the customer not later than the next working day;
  • 3) the customer signs hard-copies of the protocol and returns one copy to operator and to winner not later than 2 working days.